[Esip-discovery] time for new challenges?

jeff mcwhirter jeffmc at unavco.org
Thu Dec 20 19:59:34 EST 2012

As a test I Googled "chimborazo data":

The 5th entry down is the project archive page on Unavco's RAMADDA 
server for a Terrestrial LiDAR Scan (TLS) field project:

Now, Googling "chimborazo lidar":

The first hit is a Unavco science highlight web page (which of course 
does  not point to the archive):

And the archive page doesn't show up at all (a top level page does show 
up) even though it has the word "lidar" in it.

Googling with the TLS acronym:

Gives the archive page as the #1 hit. Likewise "tls unavco":

And one more -
Googling chimborazo "lidar data" gives a date range search results page 
on RAMADDA as the first hit:

This is the result of RAMADDA adding a link to a date search from any 
entry that has a date range, e.g.:

So, here is a case where we have a fairly rich collection of words, 
images, links and data yet the search results are all over the place.


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