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Ramirez, Paul M (388J) paul.m.ramirez at jpl.nasa.gov
Tue Feb 12 12:17:31 EST 2013

Not sure if this is covered already as I didn’t have a link to high level
requirements for search. While you're reviewing requirements to put on
searches you may consider the usage of + and - to indicate whether a term
must be included or excluded. This is another popular thing that search
engines typically support. Solr/Lucene come with this capability out of
the box.

Paul Ramirez

On 2/12/13 8:38 AM, "Mattmann, Chris A (388J)"
<chris.a.mattmann at jpl.nasa.gov> wrote:

>Just an FYI, in Lucene/Solr they would satisfy this with the query:
>air temperature "air temperature"
>Which would match documents with either air, or temperature or both air
>and temperature appearing next to one another.
>On 2/12/13 5:07 AM, "Lynnes, Christopher S. (GSFC-6102)"
><christopher.s.lynnes at nasa.gov> wrote:
>>On Feb 11, 2013, at 4:24 PM, Eric Rozell <rozele at rpi.edu> wrote:
>>> Hi Everyone,
>>> The next Discovery cluster telecon is tomorrow, Tuesday, Feb 12 at 4:00
>>>ET.  Agenda and call details are below and posted on the wiki.  Please
>>>reply or add to the agenda if any other topics should be discussed.
>>> Regards - 
>>> Eric
>>> Agenda
>>> 	€ Status of RFC
>>> 	€ Proposal for returning collection level data access points
>>> 	€ Other topics
>>Got a late-breaking topic here:
>>Yoshiyuko Kudo  pointed out to me that there is no standardization and
>>little support for phrase search, e.g., the phrase "air temperature".
>>This is a good canary-in-a-coal-mine phrase for our discipline because
>>"air" and "temperature" can coexist in many datasets that do not have
>>"air temperature", so even the logical AND is not enough.
>>So if we were to adopt this as a requirement in our convention:  would
>>any search providers be unduly burdened by this requirement, or is it
>>just a matter of some extra configuration and indexing in the search
>>engines being used?
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