[Esip-discovery] OpenSearch + geospatial + temporal extensions implemented by ESA Group on Earth Observations Geohazards Supersite

Hua, Hook (388C) hook.hua at jpl.nasa.gov
Tue Feb 12 14:33:49 EST 2013

ESA's Group on Earth Observations (GEO) Geohazards Supersites has a
Virtual Archive 4 Supersite [1] that implements the OpenSearch
specification along with the geospatial and temporal extensions [2]. They
are providing discovery for ESA's SAR archive for ERS-{1,2} and ENVISAT
data. Looking at a sample response query, they also provide browse images

It does raise the question about if the baseline OpenSearch specification
with geospatial & temporal extensions is sufficient for the majority of
the cases.


[1] http://eo-virtual-archive4.esa.int/
[2] http://eo-virtual-archive4.esa.int/help.html

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