[Esip-discovery] Fwd: OpenSearch Description and ATOM Documents Validation

Doug Newman douglas.j.newman at nasa.gov
Fri Jul 5 16:00:51 EDT 2013


  the suspense is killing me, did

curl 'https://api.echo.nasa.gov/opensearch/granules.atom?clientId=&shortName=MERIS_L1B_RR&versionId=1&dataCenter=OBPG' | sh rncv.sh -s ../schemas/atom/2005/rfc4287.rnc


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On 7/5/13 3:56 PM, Lynnes, Christopher S. (GSFC-6102) wrote:
> FYI:
> Begin forwarded message:
>> From: Pedro Gonçalves <pereira.goncalves at gmail.com>
>> Subject: OpenSearch Description and ATOM Documents Validation
>> Date: July 1, 2013 1:55:33 PM EDT
>> To: "opensearch at googlegroups.com" <opensearch at googlegroups.com>
>> Reply-To: "opensearch at googlegroups.com" <opensearch at googlegroups.com>
>> Hi
>> For the validation of some atom feeds from an ongoing project I created a few  RelaxNG Compact Syntax  Schemas with ISO Schematron rules of Atom, OpenSearch and extensions files that might be of interest to the group.
>> https://github.com/Terradue/trax/tree/master/relaxng/schemas
>> I covered the OpenSearch core, and Geo, Time and Parameter extensions.
>> I plan to add the other extensions in the future.
>> For now I made a script that joins the several java jar and xsl files and performs an one-step validation procedure.
>> https://github.com/Terradue/trax/tree/master/relaxng/scripts
>> You can validate local file with
>> sh rncv.sh -s ../schemas/opensearch/1.1/osatom.rnc -f ../examples/atom/atomeo01_noauthor.xml
>> or you can validate an external server
>> curl 'https://api.echo.nasa.gov/opensearch/granules.atom?clientId=&shortName=MERIS_L1B_RR&versionId=1&dataCenter=OBPG' | sh rncv.sh -s ../schemas/atom/2005/rfc4287.rnc
>> I tested this extensively the last weeks but let me know if you find any issue/problems
>> cheers
>> Pedro
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