[Esip-discovery] Notification of next ESIP Discovery Telecon 1:00pm PST / 4:00pm EST on 03/11/14

Doug Newman douglas.j.newman at nasa.gov
Tue Mar 11 08:27:02 EDT 2014

Reminder. Today at 4pm ET.


  * New leadership introduction. That would be myself taking over from
    Chris Lynnes and Hook Hua specializing in OpenSearch. Ruth Duerr
    remains co-chair of the cluster specializing in data/service casting.
  * Closing out the OpenSearch Best Practices document. From the RFC we
    have the following to close out
      o Geo:Geometry specificity. How to tell you client you don't
        support WKT multi-polygons
      o Using the 'via' relation to describe a link as metadata. After
        protracted consultation with OGC regarding this disconnect they
        remain with 'via'. So in the interests of compatibility I
        suggest we go with 'via' instead of 'describedBy'
      o Link specificity. Adding an optional 'output format' attribute.
  * Open Floor

Telecon information:

  * Call-in toll-free number (US/Canada): 1-877-668-4493
  * Call-in toll number (US/Canada): +1-408-600-3600
  * Call-in toll number (US/Canada)*: +1-571-918-6008
  * Global call-in numbers:

  * Toll-free dialing restrictions:
  * To start the online portion of the Personal Conference meeting , go

  * Attendee access code: 23140750

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