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Hi Doug,

Thanks for sending the opensearch links.

For pain points 2 come to mind -

First, (as I am doing this right now)  it would be useful to have a
standard JSON encoding of the search results. This would enable browser
based client implementations.

Secondly - I see in your Open Search descriptor documents you have
parameter definitions. This is a good idea but it doesn't go far enough.
One can't really build an effective UI based solely on the parameter
information. It would be useful to know the parameter types - e.g., string,
enumeration, spatial bounds, time, etc.


On Mon, Dec 8, 2014 at 12:19 PM, Doug Newman via Esip-discovery <
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>  People,
>  in preparation for our ESIP Winter 2015 session ' Discovery Best
> Practices' we are looking for your pain points wrt to OpenSearch in
> particular and discovery in general.
> For example,
> - accuracy
> - support for edge cases
> - too simplistic
> - lack of controlled vocabulary on the client side
> What about OpenSearch causes you the most problems?
> We hope to address some of these problems in the upcoming year and use our
> Winter ESIP Session as a spring board for these activities.
> Cheers,
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