[Esip-discovery] [ESIP-all] Do you care how web services are described?

Steve Richard steve.richard at azgs.az.gov
Tue Feb 3 17:48:43 EST 2015

Ruth-- great topic!  I'm definitely interested in this one. I lobbed some ideas on this topic into some of the early ESIP discovery DCP discussions but didn't get much traction, hopefully we're ready now... 
This is a 'hypermedia affordance' question-- how do you put machine-actionable links into web documents.  I've been circulating a white paper with some ideas about this, its at http://usgin.github.io/usginspecs/ContentModelForLinks.htm.  


p.s thanks for the heads-up Rich, I guess I'm not subscribed to ESIP-all

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I'll definitely be tuning in for your talk.  I'm very interested in
this subject.

Hopefully we haven't been working at cross-purposes.

This is what Tom, Steve and a few others of us came up so far, and
that we are using in the US Integrated Ocean Observing System, in
pycsw, and USGIN (I think):

Some discussion is here:

and a simple little python package is here:


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> Do you care how different kinds of web services on data set landing pages,
> in metadata records, as part of a return from an OpenSearch query, when
> advertised in an OAI-PMH metadata feed, etc. are described?  Do you think
> having a common machine-understandable way of describing services across all
> sorts of advertising, discovery, and access mechanisms would make developing
> user interfaces, analysis tools, etc. easier and cheaper?
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