[Esip-discovery] New RAMADDA federated search and data integration capabilities

Jeff McWhirter jeff.mcwhirter at gmail.com
Mon Jun 8 11:08:01 EDT 2015

Hi all,

I thought you might be interested in some federated search and data
integration work I have been doing in RAMADDA. The new search provider
framework allows one to integrate any number of external search services
and have RAMADDA aggregate them. Here is a search form with some providers
pre-selected -

You can now search across Google, Duck Duck Go, Flickr, Wolfram/Alpha, Open
Search, Socrata, etc.

The take away is that there are lots (and lots) of different APIs and
formats used out there and minimal use of any standard (e.g., Open Search).
But, at least people have APIs and for the most part they are very well
done and easy to use.

Here are a number of examples of browser based federation that does the
search across multiple sites from the Javascript front-end.

I'm also looking at integrating browse and data access services. The Energy
Information Agency (EIA) and the Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED)
system are both good examples of very easy to use APIs for accessing 400k+
time series. Here is the live import of this data into RAMADDA -

The cool thing is, once you can get at data in a uniform way through APIs
you can start providing it to end-users in lots of different ways - ways
that the original data provider doesn't provide.  So, an RSS or ATOM feed,
a CSV listing, a timeline, etc.  Here is a wiki dashboard that integrates
data from 8 different sources -

And this integration can be in ways you wouldn't think. For example, you
may be familiar with Slack (https://slack.com). The RAMADDA federated
search can now be integrated into Slack -

I am in the process of making a 2.1 release of RAMADDA this week but the
current beta is pretty solid  -

If anyone has good examples of search APIs (preferably Open Search) please
send them my way.


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