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Mon Oct 12 17:37:16 EDT 2015

I would add, for the resultset feed-level metadata, always include the
resultset count and the total count. Helps on the client-side, not making a
ton of unwanted requests.

I can gin up some stats this week, definitely by November, if that is of
interest (noting that the set i use is not limited to EO data sites).


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> Hi Doug,
> I’ve got a list of potential improvements to the OpenSearch spec/best
> practices that we ought to discuss though some are also recommendations for
> web service documentation in general.  See below…
> Ruth
> Currently, there is no way to tell whether an open search end point is
> describing a data set search or a granule search or what.  There needs to
> be a way to state that (naming practices just don’t work).  A parameter
> could do this or some other extension would be needed.  It would need
> to handle generic well-defined parameters so it could be validated with
> standard XML tooling (namespacing a substring within an attribute is not a
> safe long-term solution). At that point, we ought to define an exemplar for
> the nested search.
> OSDD rel link references should be included in any child OSDD throughout
> any OSDD hierarchy, so that traveling both up and down the hierarchy is
> possible and easy.
> Put the parent OSDD rel link in the ATOM result set (rss is an issue).
> Basic provenance. Just part of the feed metadata before the item list.
> Recommend ATOM.
> Make some recommendations for semantic markup in the result set content.
> Commonplace practice is to encode that as HTML so let's take advantage of
> that and include rel tags for dataset, landing page, etc, and schema.org tags
> if that's still of use. We have, I think, been neglecting the utility of
> the search response to everyone (crawler, broker, person at a keyboard) and
> that is, frankly, the place where we actually get an understanding of
> data/no data. So let's make it useful.
> We need some structure to support enumerations/controlled vocabs per
> parameter and an understanding of how these work with the optional/required
> parameters.
> Also, shouldn’t each web service like this have a unique identifier? What
> is a unique identifier for an OpenSearch? For a dataset OpenSearch?
> Lastly, shouldn't the best practice include having these service links on
> a data set’s landing page?
> On Oct 12, 2015, at 2:11 PM, Doug Newman via Esip-discovery <
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> Ladies and gentlemen,
> Link: http://wiki.esipfed.org/index.php/Discovery_Telecon_2015-09-14
> Pending Actions
>    - ESRI and Open Search Best Practices - Doug. In progress
>    - Review Web Service Mission statement
>    http://wiki.esipfed.org/index.php/WebServiceMission - ALL
>    - Re-visit NCEI geoportal server OpenSearch capabilities using
>    CWICSmart OpenSearch Client - Yuanjie Li
>    - ESO - Make decision on whether to wait for Draft 2 of CEOS BP or
>    recommend CEOS BP + CEOS DEV Guide as standard for OpenSearch
>    - Contact Erin regarding the note taker for the ESIP session on
>    Service Discovery - Ruth
>    - Continue to investigate opening up Web Services Cluster - Soren
>    - Monitor situation on AGU Union Demo session for suitability of
>    'Global OpenSearch' Demo - Doug
> Agenda
>    - OpenSearch Validation Tool
>    - OpenSearch standards decision
>    - Web Services Cluster
> Webex Info
> To Join the online portion of the Personal Conference meeting
> ------------------------------
>    1. Go to https://esipfed.webex.com
>    2. Click the “Meeting Center” tab
>    3. Select the Discovery
> If a password is required, enter the Meeting Password: 23138372
> To start the audio portion of the Personal Conference meeting w/ phone
> ------------------------------
>    - Call-in toll-free number (US/Canada): 1-877-668-4493
>    - Call-in toll number (US/Canada): +1-408-600-3600
>    - Call-in toll number (US/Canada)*: +1-571-918-6008
> Attendee access code: 231 383 72
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