[Esip-discovery] Interoperability guidelines!

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Tue Jun 14 18:03:55 EDT 2016


Forgot during the Discovery telecon - we are adding a section for ESIP's
software assessment guidelines on interoperability. It's more focused on
the systems so guidelines for implementing a server/client more than any
detail about any metadata internals.

We're at:

   - Meets community standards/conventions for data/metadata formats
   - The response parses (is the xml, json, etc, even valid?)
      - this can be related to issues with encoding, noting the encoding,
   - Is it valid per the standard (against a schema or through a web
   - Is it "complete" for the provided use case (discovery has come up)?

And, because I'm feeling a little punk, the test suite for the code
includes validation of the generated services and the documentation of the
API indicates that the services are valid and tested (normalize good
interoperability behavior, please).

Based on that, is there anything that actionable and/generally applicable
to include? References to web validators or similar also very much of



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just a head's up - taking a bit of a sabbatical so if i don't
get back to you right away, no worries.
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