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Wed Aug 10 14:03:06 EDT 2016

Hi Folks,
CC’ing ESIP Discovery List
The next ESDSWG Search Relevance WG meeting is on 08/16/16 with the following meeting details.
Our guest speaker is Grant Ingersoll [0], who literally needs to introduction to anyone who has ever touched search technologies within the last 20 odd years.
Looking forward to rebasing after the shared group success we had at ESIP. Our agenda for the Telecon will be located at [1] (you may need to sign up to the wiki in order to view).
Please add any particular items to the agenda if you wish for them to be covered.

[0] https://www.linkedin.com/in/grantingersoll
[1] https://wiki.earthdata.nasa.gov/display/ESDSWG/August+16th+2016

Lewis McGibbney updated the date and/or time of this WebEx meeting:

ESDS Search Relevancy WG Meeting
Host: Lewis McGibbney

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