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DSIA TCs and POCs,

Well, I didn’t really get an overwhelming response to the Doodle poll and, from those who did respond, there wasn’t an obvious date and time that would suit everyone. I will plan on holding an initial DSIA telecon on Monday June 6, 2:00 – 2:30 (apologies for the short notice) for those who are available. We will go over any logistical issues with setting up the new working groups and any questions that you might have on your action plans and proposed deliverables. We can also talk about whether you think the DSIA telecons are going to be useful going forward.

Outlook meeting invite to follow.



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Subject: Data Stewardship Interest Area

In previous years, we have held a monthly status telecon for technical chairs and ESDIS POCs of the working groups that have some sort of data stewardship focus. This has been a useful opportunity to coordinate activities across the working groups and for the technical chairs to coordinate with the POCs on ESDIS needs and priorities. I would like to continue with the call for this year’s working groups. We will try to keep the call to around 30 minutes. It is sufficient for one representative to attend from each group if we have several co-chairs for a working group.

The relevant groups for this year would seem to be:
Software and Services Citations
User Characterization
Dataset Interoperability
Data Quality
Atmospheric Composition Variable Standard Name

Apologies if anyone was expecting a telecon today. Based on initial soundings, it looks like we are going to have to try to find a different timeslot for the call going forward. I would like to start by proposing some timeslots (2:00, 3:00, 4:00 PM ET) on the 1st Monday and Wednesday and the 2nd Thursday and Friday of the month. Please take a couple of minutes to respond to the Doodle poll with your availability.




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