[Esip-discovery] SM21 Webinar feedback

Lynnes, Christopher S. (GSFC-5860) christopher.s.lynnes at nasa.gov
Thu Aug 12 15:19:13 EDT 2021

Did a quick spiel at the Summer Meeting Webinar today, and we got a lot of good feedback from the audience: see below:

  *   Foraging for Dataset-Usage Relationships (Chris Lynnes)
     *   Question/Comment 1: How to expand such effort to past data sets that are not properly cited by using DOI?
        *   Great question!  For some datasets, like NASA satellite ones, there is a geeky “short name”, like MOD04_L2 for MODIS aerosols, which is a pretty good identifier. But ultimately, we would like to find some AI driven techniques to “recognize” datasets by the description in the article. (This is likely to be pretty hard).

     *   Thanks, Chris! Will try to join the cluster meeting in the future!
        *   👍
     *   Did those who said we shouldn’t promote DOIs say why or what an alternative should be?
        *   The why is that some datasets simply don’t have DOIs. Such as individual investigators distributed data on their own servers for example.
        *   Possible alternatives are“Handles” , orr isstable, resolvable URLs
     *   Have you tried to pull the paper/data information from Scholix?  [Shelley Stall]
        *   Have not tried Scholix yet, but one of our collaborators, Irina Gerasimov has been looking into that
        *   [Mark P] OpenAire is doing interesting stuff in this area too.
     *    Also - we should see some significant improvements in journals reported links to data/software in the coming months.
        *   Yay!
     *    There is a technical problem on the journal production side that AGU is working with Wiley and a number of other publishers to address.
     *   Here’s a recent news story about a similar effort using NLP to tease out the non-DOI data citations from journal articles. It’s an experimental project, but definitely shows promise. NOAA is one of three federal agencies who were guinea pigs for their ideas. https://sparcopen.org/news/2021/on-a-mission-to-make-federal-data-sets-more-useful-and-accessible/ (Tyler Christensen, NOAA)
        *   The Coleridge Initiative looks really interesting...

Christopher Lynnes   NASA/GSFC    mobile: 410-231-4573
“I love it when a plan comes together.” — Hannibal Smith

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