[Esip-discovery] ESIP Discovery Cluster: Follow up from today's meeting

Sara Lafia slafia at umich.edu
Thu Sep 16 16:27:58 EDT 2021

Hello Discovery Cluster,

Thanks for a great discussion! As promised, I'm sending along a few science
of science articles to spark our collective curiosity:

   - Measuring the Evolution of a Scientific Field through Citation Frames
   - Discovering discoveries: Identifying biomedical discoveries using
   citation contexts
   - Design and Update of a Classification System: The UCSD Map of Science

I also wanted to add that multi-level topic modeling to cluster similar
publications might be worthwhile to explore down the line for the UBD tool.
Here's an example of a research map I made with this technique; the
position of each document is based on its multiple topics, which are
emergent and are labeled by the people who authored the articles (

Chris and I also worked with Megan Carter to publicize efforts to
contribute to the Usage-Based Discovery tool (

Finally, I participated in the Coleridge Kaggle competition mentioned
earlier (https://www.kaggle.com/c/coleridgeinitiative-show-us-the-data/)
and had some luck training a transformer-based NER model with spaCy
<https://spacy.io/usage/training> to detect dataset references. My research
is ongoing and I'll keep the group posted on progress and useful takeaways.

Best wishes,

*Sara Lafia, Ph.D.*
Research Fellow, ICPSR
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