[Esip-discovery] UN Biodiversity Lab: an online application with (more) thorough dataset identification

Christopher Lynnes clynnes at mac.com
Mon Mar 14 11:37:18 EDT 2022

The UN Biodiversity Lab <https://unbiodiversitylab.org/> is the best example I have seen so far of an application providing good traceability to its supporting datasets.  If you go to the map, add a layer, and click on its info button, you’ll see not only a short narrative about the layer’s data, but also pointers to papers about the data, a link to download the data, and a Suggested Citation. This latter will usually have a DOI for the dataset, if one exists. (I spot checked both NASA and some non-NASA datasets.)  Maybe we can hold up this example as an example other developers / curators of application.

(The tool is also pretty cool in its own right.)
Chris Lynnes
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