[Esip-infoquality] IQ cluster: please submit to AGU 2011 session on Data Quality

Leptoukh, Gregory G. (GSFC-6102) gregory.g.leptoukh at nasa.gov
Fri Jul 29 13:05:46 EDT 2011

Dear IQ cluster members and recent ESIP participants:

Please submit to:
IN31: The Challenge of Data Quality in Earth Observations and Modeling

Convener(s): Dan Cornford, Gregory Leptoukh, Christopher Lynnes

We have three confirmed Invited Authors: Bojan Bojkov (ESA perspective), George Huffman (precipitation data quality), Peter Minnett (Sea Surface Temperature error budget)

Abstract: With the recent progress in data informatics and systems, dealing with multi-sensor-model data finally has become a reality. This progress, however, has highlighted the lack of systematic approach to Earth observation and model data quality. We invite submissions from researchers in different communities to address various aspects of data quality: What do their communities mean by quality? What are their data quality needs? What methodologies they use to assess, characterize, and compute aspects of quality, e.g., accuracy, completeness, provenance. We encourage the submission of papers on methodologies and frameworks for data quality harmonization and describing systems allowing users access to data quality information.

Deadline is Aug 4.

From: Leptoukh, Gregory G. (GSFC-6102)
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Subject: AGU Fall Meeting 2011 session on Data Quality

We will have a Fall AGU session on data quality:


So, our calendar of Data Quality related meetings has at least these important entries:

1.      ESIP Federation, Santa Fe, July 2011

2.      QA4EO, Oxford, October 2011

3.      Fall AGU 2011, San Francisco, December 2011
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