[Esip-infoquality] The XML Schema for 19157 has been accepted as a draft international standard

Ted Habermann via Esip-infoquality esip-infoquality at lists.esipfed.org
Fri May 23 14:06:29 EDT 2014

Hello all,

Some of you know that I am leading the ISO Working Group that is developing the XML schema for the new ISO Data Quality Metadata Standard (19157). The schema is ISO 19157-2. I am happy to let you know that the schema was just approved as a draft international standard and a project team was formed to respond to a few comments at the next ISO meeting in June. This is a great step forward as it means that there will not be significant technical changes to the schema. It is typical for nations to start implementing once a standard reaches this stage.

We are close to this stage with 19115-3 (the overall metadata schema), but we have more comments for that one that will also be worked out next month. None of those comments are technical, so I also do not expect significant changes to that schema either... will know more after June 6...

Also happy to let you know that my nomination as the chair of the ISO XML Management Group (XMG) has jumped through the last hoop (I think), so that will also move forward. That group has not been active for several years so hopefully we can now move towards making ISO XML resources easier to access and use.

Happy to report that we are moving forward!


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