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Thanks for your feedback. During the telecon we talked about two sessions first and then as we got into some details we thought we would have enough work to do in three sessions. If we end up with only two sessions, we will need to descope our ambitions. It should be interesting, regardless. I find myself in a quandary about which sessions to go to in the ESIP meeting when so many interesting things happen in parallel.



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Rama and others -


So sorry I missed the call last week. I hope to be on the next one!


These sessions look really good - my only concern might be that there are limited breakout times, so I might consider if 2. and 3. could be in a single session. Maybe not submit it as just one, but have that in mind as a possibility.


Can't wait to attend these sessions!



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A draft of the proposal for the three sessions on IQC is at  <https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PZtWhyO5KFyBb8d177uQ5BHeudfhA-PhwjeTh2D4umY/edit?usp=sharing> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PZtWhyO5KFyBb8d177uQ5BHeudfhA-PhwjeTh2D4umY/edit?usp=sharing. Please provide me any feedback you have before the end of this week. After that I will post it on the ESIP website for formal consideration.






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