[Esip-infoquality] Telecon today at 11:00 AM Pacific Time

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This looks a good idea for a collaboration. Since we were just discussing developing use cases at the ESIP Winter meeting's IQC breakout sessions, it may be good to consider developing a use case involving the Disasters Cluster. It would be great if some of the members from that cluster are able to join the breakout sessions.

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> Dear ESIP Information Quality Cluster Chairs and Members,
> During the ESIP Earth Science Data Analytics (ESDA) Cluster telecon, today,
> Sean Barberie, the student fellow for the ESIP Disasters Cluster, mentioned
> that the Disasters Cluster is exploring the concept of trustworthiness of data
> and that the Disasters Cluster is looking for another ESIP Cluster to
> collaborate with on this issue. Steve Kempler, the Chair of the ESDA,
> suggested that the ESIP Information Quality (IQ) Cluster might be the
> appropriate cluster to work with on the issue of data trustworthiness. I agree
> and volunteered to initiate the discussion of data trustworthiness with the IQ
> cluster and am also copying both Sean Barberie and Steve Kempler on this
> message.
> Thanks,
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