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Carolina Berys-Gonzalez cberysgonzalez at ucsd.edu
Wed Feb 23 19:03:14 EST 2022

Hello everyone,

Please see the announcement below in regards to the iDOOS project
((implementing DOOS, the Deep Ocean Observing Strategy).

If this is an area of relevance for you, please fill out the engagement
interest survey here: https://forms.gle/K9mk9Yh1wkTmQor68


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Dear Colleagues,

As many of you know, the Deep Ocean Observing Strategy was recently awarded
4-years of funding by the US National Science Foundation AccelNet Program
to build a network of networks across disciplines and communities related
to the field of deep ocean observing. The project, iDOOS (implementing
DOOS) seeks to advance ongoing DOOS initiatives by promoting a deep ocean
community that facilitates collaboration across disciplines and fields,
elevates a diverse cohort of early career researchers into future leaders,
and bridges scientific advancements to societal needs and challenges. Click
here to learn more about iDOOS.

Each of your groups make up a critical component of that network of networks
and we are excited to engage with each of your across iDOOS initiatives.
This is a project of actions and deliverables, and as such, the project
focuses on small working groups with a discrete series of actions. The
iDOOS team has created a series of working groups related to the tasks
outlined in our AccelNet proposal that provide direct points of entry to
connect with your networks. Click here to learn more about iDOOS working
groups and initiatives.



   Please respond to this email with the name and email of a Point of
   Contact (POC) from your group and the name and email of an Early Career
   Researcher to engage with iDOOS. This can be someone already engaged in the
   DOERs program.

   Please fill out (or ask the POC to fill out) the following engagement
   interest survey on behalf of your group by February 14th:

   Please forward the survey to members of your network for people to fill
   out as individuals or representatives of their own groups (also by Feb. 14).

We are excited to announce that DOOS will be hosting a virtual Townhall at
Ocean Sciences on Friday February 25th at 11am ET. A portion of the
townhall will be set aside for lightning talks from groups within the deep
sea community. We ask that these talks stick to 1-slide and 2-minutes and
that they focus on addressing - What is the biggest challenge in the deep
sea that your group is addressing. Please reply to this email if you are
interested in presenting a lightning talk.

And lastly, please save the date for the iDOOS Virtual Annual Meeting May
3-5, 2022!

We look forward to working with you over the coming years. If you have any
questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Best Wishes.

Patrick Heimbach, Leslie Smith, and Lisa Levin (for the DOOS Leadership

Carolina Berys-Gonzalez
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
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