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Stocks, Karen kstocks at ucsd.edu
Fri Oct 7 21:51:06 EDT 2022

Hi MDC-ers,

Some of us have been collaborating with the Deep Ocean Observing Strategy group on a infographic/handout that gives oceanographers generating data some pointers on how to step up their data management practices, and we’d love your help. Specifically your thoughts on whether there are better resource to point to in the place of the ones we have. A couple of things to keep in mind:

- the intended audience is ocean scientists (especially ocean-going) who are not part of a larger program or observatory that manages data (so they feel like they are on their own), and who do not have much experience with data management concepts.

- The resource list is intended to be a sampler of a few important concepts/actions. We are very purposefully keeping this from feeling dense or long and giving it a light feel. It is not comprehensive: it is the highlights list, not the encyclopedia article. (There are some very good courses and such out there already for those willing to devote more time.) And everything is beginner friendly…we aren’t going to point anyone at an ISO manual for this!

- we are framing this around an adjusted life cycle diagram of Learn -> Laugh (because we needed a place for some fun) -> Plan -> Collect -> Process -> Assure -> Preserve…that then goes to Discovery and Re-Use, and starts the cycle again. And Describe (i.e. metadata) is a crosscutting activity that spans most of the other steps.

- this will be formatted into a pretty infographic with context around it, not as the list of links you see, with help from the Awesome Allison Mills from ESIP.

Because we don’t want this list to get any longer, we’d like your thoughts on what out there might be better replace what we have (vs. just more to add.)

Our list is attached. Happy to take ideas by email, or we have a bit of time on the upcoming MDC call.

Thanks in advance!


Karen Stocks, PhD  (she/her)
Director, Geological Data Center
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
+1 858-534-1898
kstocks at ucsd.edu<mailto:kstocks at ucsd.edu>

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