[Esip-preserve] AGU Position statement on data preservation and a townhall meeting

Jean-Bernard Minster jbminster at ucsd.edu
Wed Aug 12 18:33:07 EDT 2009

I agree to be a co-sponsor and to present the AGU statement.

I also agree with Ruth that the town hall meeting will be more  
successful if it is more focused.

I do not concur with Ruth's suggested title, though.  While most AGU  
members will agree with the broad statements about data, and perhaps  
will not contribute much to the town hall, the issue that I think  
should be front and center is "the publication OF data".  What is  
required is a fundamental change of mind-set in the research community  
(especially academia). People who put together verifiable and  
corrected, and calibrated, etc data sets do not have a way to place  
this in their list of publications, and often are passed over for  
promotion, tenure, etc, compared to their colleagues who use their  
data!  This is a difficult issue that calls for a community  
discussion.   I would offer something more like:

"Peer-reviewed publication of data: the undervalued contribution to  
verifiable science"

.... Just my view!

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On Aug 12, 2009, at 2:00 PM, Ruth Duerr wrote:

> Hi Mark,
> The AGU statement is very broad.  While we could co-sponsor a session
> with a similarly broad focus, it might be more practical to limit the
> session much as you suggest, though I think the session should address
> both producers and consumers of data.
> How about a title like "Research, Publications, and Data: Practices to
> Ensure Verifiable Science" - I think such a title lends itself to that
> slightly broader focus and would allow discussion of identifiers in a
> more direct manner.  It's not a great title, so if someone else has
> something catchier that gets the point across, please suggest it!
> Other than that, I think your general approach works for me.  Any
> other ideas?
> - Ruth
> On Aug 12, 2009, at 2:37 PM, Mark A. Parsons wrote:
>> Hi ESIP preservationists,
>> The AGU position statement on "The Importance of Long-term
>> Preservation and Accessibility of Geophysical Data" was approved by
>> the AGU Council last spring and is available at http://www.agu.org/outreach/science_policy/positions/geodata.shtml
>> Note the last sentence in the fifth paragraph:
>> "The scientific community should recognize the professional value of
>> such [data production] activities by endorsing the concept of
>> publication of data, to be credited and cited like the products of
>> any other scientific activity, and encouraging peer-review of such
>> publications."
>> Bernard Minster (copied), chair of the panel that wrote the new
>> position statement, likes the idea of a townhall meeting, and I
>> believe would be willing to coconvene with us. I'm happy to help too.
>> The task now is to draft an abstract. I'm willing to take a first
>> crack, if y'all agree the topic. I suggest  something like "Research
>> publication and data referencing practices to ensure verifiable
>> science, sponsored by the AGU Data Panel and the ESIP Preservation
>> and Stewardship Cluster"
>> Perhaps, Bernard could introduce the position statement. Rob or Ruth
>> could speak on ESIP approaches/best practices (including the work on
>> identifiers). I could then moderate a discussion.
>> Let me know what y'all think?
>> Finally, I note that the International Polar Year developed some
>> data citation guidelines that may be useful: http://ipydis.org/data/citations.html
>> Cheers,
>> -m.
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