[Esip-preserve] Fwd: AGU Fall Meeting Town Hall

Mark A. Parsons parsonsm at nsidc.org
Mon Oct 19 18:16:07 EDT 2009

OK folks, we're on for our Townhall.

We'll need to finalize the program and start spreading the word soon.  
(A topic for our next telecon?)

Carol, note there is an $85 charge. I'm hoping ESIP can cover that.   
We'll have to consider if we want refreshements or anything.



Begin forwarded message:

> From: <mmarkowitz at agu.org>
> Date: 19 October 2009 2:27:52 PM MDT
> To: parsonsm at nsidc.org
> Subject: AGU Fall Meeting Town Hall
> Dear Mark Parsons:
> I am pleased to inform you that your Town Hall proposal has been  
> accepted by
> the Program Committee for presentation at the 2009 AGU Fall Meeting,  
> 14-18 December
> in San Francisco, CA, USA.
> It is your responsibility as the correspondent of this Town Hall  
> Proposal to
> notify all presenters and co-sponsoring participants of this  
> acceptance.  You
> should develop your Town Hall as you see fit, but within the  
> parameters of your
> proposal.
> Your Town Hall presentation information for the 2009 Fall Meeting is  
> listed below:
> Town Hall Title: Peer-Reviewed Data Publication and Other Strategies  
> to Sustain
> Verifiable Science
> Date: 12/17/09
> Time: 7:30:00 PM - 8:30:00 PM
> Location:  Moscone West, Room 2008
> The Town Hall rooms will be used during the day for scientific  
> sessions and therefore
> will have existing audio-visual equipment.  This will include an LCD  
> projector,
> a screen, a laser pointer, a speaker timer and two computers: one  
> Windows-based
> PC and one Mac.  If you require additional audio-visual equipment  
> you will need
> to place an order directly with Projection Presentation Technology.   
> Additionally,
> the room will be set with theater-style with rows of chair, as well  
> as a small
> stage with a lectern and head table.
> PLEASE NOTE: You are responsible for a portion of the labor charges  
> to have A/V
> technicians present during your Town Hall.  The amount you will be  
> billed for
> labor is $85.   Karen Cuviello from Projection Presentation  
> Technology will be
> in contact with you a month prior to your event to arrange for  
> payment and to
> discuss any additional requirements. You may contact her directly at KCuviello at projection.com
> If you wish to order food, beverages, or make other special  
> arrangements for
> your attendees, you must contact and work directly with the Moscone  
> Center. For
> catering contact Carolyn Rowden at crowden at moscone.com.  For other  
> needs, please
> contact Ronnie Gomez at rgomez at moscone.com
> All of us here look forward to your participation in the AGU Fall  
> Meeting.
> Sincerely,
> Melissa Markowitz
> Melissa Markowitz
> Meetings Coordinator
> American Geophysical Union
> 2000 Florida Avenue, NW
> Washington, DC 20009
> 202.777.7332

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