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Mon Nov 9 22:47:51 EST 2009

Hi all,

Some thoughts on the AGU Townhall for discussion tomorrow:

We are scheduled for an hour on Thursday 1930-2030 (see description  
below). We want to introduce the topic and get everyone thinking, but  
we also want to allow for discussion. I think we should allow at least  
1/2 hour for discussion.

Our current plan is to have Bernard introduce the AGU position  
statement and then have Rob or Ruth speak on ESIP activities  
(including the work on identifiers). We also talked about introducing  
specific approaches to data citation. I mentioned the IPY guidelines.  
Bob Cook pointed out that ORNL has a similar approach. Indeed, about a  
decade ago NSIDC introduced the concept to all the DAACs who  
supposedly adopted it across the board. Other organizations, including  
GBIF, Pangea, and others also have approaches. All these approaches  
are similar but not identical. Do we want to achieve some sort of  
commonality? I think we want AGU journals to take a lead on the issue.  
How can we do that? I'm happy to give a bit of an overview, but I'll  
need help. There are several issues  that none of the approaches have  
fully addressed, including making citations machine understandable and  
capturing specific versions or subsets of data in a citation.

Then there is the issue of data peer-review. There are specific peer- 
reviewed journals devoted to data publication, such as  _Earth Science  
Data_ and _Ecological Archives_.  Personally, I think this approach is  
limited and even  misguided, but I am probably unusual in that regard  
( I don't like DOI's either).

Bottom line is that we have to determine what we want to accomplish  
out of this townhall , and the best way to get there. That's the topic  
for tomorrow.

Talk soon,


Peer-Reviewed Data Publication and Other Strategies to Sustain  
Verifiable Science
Moscone West, Room 2008
Cosponsored by EP, IN

Objective, verifiable science requires formal, reviewed publication of  
both data and research results. Data publication facilitates essential  
scientific processes including transparency, reproducibility,  
documentation of uncertainty, and preservation. The AGU Council  
reaffirmed this fundamental responsibility in a revised position  
statement. Nonetheless, data publication lacks established cultural  
practices and quality standards for modern, complex, digital data  
sets. This town hall meeting will present the AGU position statement  
and evolving international data publication mechanisms. We seek input  
from all disciplines on state-of-the-art approaches for data peer- 
review, peer-recognition, citation, and other verification practices.  
The Federation of Earth Science Information Partners will publish  
discussion results.

On 9 Nov 2009, at 11:09 AM, Ruth Duerr wrote:

> Well it is unanimous.  The next telecon is tomorrow at 11 am MST (1  
> pm EST, 10 am PST).  Agenda (with leads indicated) includes:
> - EP-TOMS plans (John Moses)
> - Preparations for AGU town hall (Mark Parsons)
> - Draft ESIP statement on data (Ruth)
> - Planning for winter ESIP meeting (Ruth)
> - Others?
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