[Esip-preserve] Stewardship News

Curt Tilmes Curt.Tilmes at nasa.gov
Mon Jan 9 10:07:57 EST 2012

It was a very productive Winter meeting.

More complete information later, but here are some quick status notes.

At the business meeting several proposals were discussed.  After some
debate, the Assembly voted to accept both the Data Stewardship
principles and recommended practices [1], and the Data Stewardship
Citations Provider Guidelines [2].

The Assembly also created a new Data Stewardship Standing Committee
which will take over for the cluster.  The new Committee was charged
by the assembly to maintain the above documents.  I was elected the
chair of the new committee.  I've also asked Ruth Duerr to serve as
Vice-Chair of the committee.

Rama led a break-out session about the PCCS [3].

At our planning meeting, we reviewed the major activities listed on
the Wiki site [4] and talked a bit about maintenance of new documents,
getting the newly baselined versions on the official ESIP site,
outreach (press release, etc.) and a bit about where all of this is

I'm going to propose we skip our regular January meeting (I'm
unavailable) and work toward the agenda for the February telecon on
Feb. 8.



[2] http://bit.ly/data_citation

[3] PCCS Notes:

[4] Wiki Site:

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