[Esip-preserve] Possible connections?

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I don't know any of the people listed with the nasa.gov address. However, I am providing some additional information that I could glean from the NASA directory.

Good luck.

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Greg Janee and I continue to make progress on the assignment of  IDs of various flavors to the two datasets / components of same for the Data Stewardship Committee's MD testbed.  We are now starting with OIDs and are contemplating which would be the best way to get the OIDs assigned and registered.  One of the methods is by getting an IANA private enterprise number for ESIP.  Before going too far with that possibility,  we thought it would be useful to get a sense of how / why others are using OIDs, and how they manage those they have.  From the registry of IANA numbers, we see that there are a number of NASA and NOAA "sub" organizations that have numbers.  On the premise that it would be better to contact one or more of these folks more personally, we thought it might be useful to see if anyone on the ESIP-preserve list knows the contact, or perhaps knows for what the OIDs are / have been used for that particular branch of the NASA or NOAA organization.  If you do know any of the following people, know whether they're still around and even what their current email address is, would you let us know and, perhaps, "introduce" us to them so that they have a more personal incentive to answer our questions / talk with us than they might with a cold call / email?  Thanks in advance for your help!

The names and email contact information is as follows:

1.          NASA:      Elizabeth Sudderth - Marshall Space Flight Center - IS 40 - Information Technology Specialist - 256-544-2856

2.         NASA Ames Research Center:      Andrew Kjell Nielsen - Not listed

3.         Jet Propulsion Laboratory:      Paul Springer - Scientific Applications Software Engineer, Dept. 388C; 818.393.3014 - paul.l.springer at jpl.nasa.gov

4.         Illinois Business Training Center:   Weixiong  Ho - Not listed

5.         United Space Alliance:  Stephen A. Kerney (USA-95110 - 321.867.4147) or Donald Wilson (KSC:NEC20 - 321.861.7820)

stephen.kerney&ksc.nasa.gov  or donald.wilson&ksc.nasa.gov

6.         NASA JSC:      Alice Aman - not listed

7.         NASA Center for Climate Simulation (NCCS):      Bennett Samowich - NETWORK ADMINISTRATOR, ADNet Systems, Inc., NASA GSFC, Code 606.2, 301-286-8788

8.         NOAA:       Ken Sragg

9.         NOAA/PMEL/EPIC:      Donald Denbo

10.     National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA):      Jefferson Ogata

11.     NOAA, OAR, FSL, ITS, DSG:      Patrick Hildreth

Thanks again!

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