[Esip-preserve] Identifiers

Curt Tilmes Curt.Tilmes at nasa.gov
Thu Feb 16 11:06:04 EST 2012

On 02/16/2012 10:54 AM, Mark A. Parsons wrote:
> Personally, I think defining a data set too precisely is a fools
> errand. It is the responsibility of the data authors and stewards to
> define something that makes sense for their designated community and
> slap a DOI and a name on to it.
> To me a data set is simply a logical arrangement of data that has
> meaning to a designated community.

I like that definition -- it is broad enough to encompass my
definition, which I can still use within my community.

Any thoughts about identifiers?  What do you use?  What 'scheme'
for identifiers might you recommend for others who don't
currently assign identifiers to these types of things?

Looking for URIs meeting the Linked Data principles..


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