[Esip-preserve] DataCite to require "landing pages"

Mark A. Parsons parsonsm at nsidc.org
Wed Feb 22 12:59:22 EST 2012

While I'm not sure I like the idea of DataCite creating landing pages, the ESIP guidelines generally agree with the need:

"The locator should not point directly to the data but rather to a "landing page" with a description of the data, versioning info, and mechanisms to access the data. This is not the same as a "data paper". The landing page is a living document that can be updated as data are moved or changed. This page is also a good place to provide more attribution for sponsors and other people important in the creation and stewardship of the data. Ideally, the landing page would be both human and machine readable, but the infrastructure for machine readable landing pages is still evolving. The DCC Guidelines discuss issue of manual and automatic use of citations in more detail."

I don't think that means that DOIs always need to point to landing pages, but they should when used in a data citation.



On 22 Feb 2012, at 10:55 AM, Greg Janée wrote:

> There are some changes brewing at DataCite regarding DOI requirements.  Per Joan Starr:
> "There is a very strong push within the group for a requirement that all DOIs point to landing pages and not to the object directly.  [For submitters that don't provide their own landing pages] DataCite is going to create canned landing pages based on the metadata that submitters provide."
> What constitutes a "landing page"?  Again, per Joan:
> "The landing page typically contains one or more of the following:
>  +full citation of the data
>  +statement on access to data (such as a link to the data or usage restriction information)
>  +associated metadata
>  +information, software, or context required for unpackaging, reading and interpreting the data"
> I'm curious what this group thinks about this requirement.  It certainly narrows the scope of applicability for DOIs.
> -Greg
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