[Esip-preserve] Results of doodle poll for telecon scheduling

Ramdeen, Sarah ramdeen at email.unc.edu
Fri Aug 24 01:15:56 EDT 2012

Hello Everyone,

The results of the doodle poll are in, starting with September 4th, our monthly telecons will be held on the first Tuesday of the month at 4pm EST.  This time works for the most people (10 yes and 1 maybe).  There were a few other times with 11 people available but this one had the most yes's compared to maybe's.

Of the 14 people who filled out the poll, the following are not available on the first Tuesday at 4pm EST: Nancy Ritchey, Ruth Duerr, Ramapriyan.

The second and third options (also with 11 people available) were first Wednesdays at 12pm EST or 2pm EST with the following people unavailable:

12pm: Nancy Ritchey, Hook Hua, Ramapriyan

2pm: Nancy Ritchey, Hook Hua, Mark Parsons

If necessary I can send out an additional poll for a run off between these three times. Please let me know if there is any reason why we should not stick to the first Tuesday.  (For example, I am not sure if any of the people who are unavailable are key members of the committee and if we should schedule around their availabilities).

The agenda for the next meeting will include a discussion on DOI landing pages.  Look for an email early next week concerning a new wiki page on the subject.


Sarah Ramdeen PhD Student
School of Information and Library Science
University of North Carolina
ramdeen at email.unc.edu

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