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Fri Aug 31 10:17:08 EDT 2012

There's been some interesting discussion about the economics of citations
in several places.  I seem to recall a discussion back about 2001 in DLib
where publishing companies (Elsevier, et al.) were using citations to
libraries.  More recently, there was an editorial in CACM on predatory

I've recently been working on dealing with a quantification of the knowledge
and math requirements for research projects, noting that different areas of
Earth science require different kinds of math as well as having distinctive
dialects.  The citation question that comes up in this kind of thinking is
"where in a research project workflow does an individual or group need
citations (or provenance)?"  A more detailed question then is "what do they
do with a citation (or provenance) when they do use it?"

Bruce B.

On Thu, Aug 30, 2012 at 3:24 PM, Mark A. Parsons <parsonsm at nsidc.org> wrote:

> Dear ESIP Preservationists and Stewards,
> Our committee has published two documents on the new ESIP commons:
> - Data Citation Guidelines for Data Providers and Archives
> - Interagency Data Stewardship Guidelines
> The question now is to how to cite documents. In particular, who should
> have the credit and accountability of authorship?
> Since both documents have been approved by the ESIP assembly, we could
> just use ESIP as the author. That's vague but sounds authoritative. We
> could be more specific and use the Preservation and Stewardship Committee,
> but the membership is fluid so that's not particularly specific. With both
> documents, I think there was a clear lead author or two so one could use a
> name or two plus the committee. For example, we might have something like:
> Ramapriyan, H. K. and the ESIP Data Preservation and Stewardship
> Committee. 2012. Interagency Data Stewardship Guidelines . ESIP Commons.
> [DOI or ARK].
> or
> Parsons, M.A., R. Duerr, C. Tilmes  and the ESIP Data Preservation and
> Stewardship Committee. 2012. Data Citation Guidelines for Data Providers
> and Archives. ESIP Commons. [DOI or ARK].
> From a credit and general authority perspective I don't like naming
> specific individuals, but there's value in being specific from an
> accountability perspective. Plus it will always be tricky to decide who
> exactly should be named. The citation guidelines, for example, were
> definitely a group effort.
> Thoughts?
> Cheers,
> -m.
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