[Esip-preserve] A Couple of Notes on Authorship and Subsetting

Bruce Barkstrom brbarkstrom at gmail.com
Fri Dec 28 10:21:11 EST 2012

The September issue of CACM had a "Viewpoint"
article that may be of interest with respect to
author attribution in citations:

Marcos, E., Vara, J. M., and de Castro, V., 2012:
Author Order: What Science Can Learn from the Arts,
CACM, 15, No. 9, 39-41.

The authors suggest providing author attribution
similar to the "role" identifications provided in
film credits.  I think we've discussed this approach
in the past, but here's a formal reference if need be.

Also, Mike Folk sent me a note on some software
developed at Lawrence Berkeley that appears to
provide bit level indexing of data elements in files:*
*https://sdm.lbl.gov/fastbit/  I suspect this might be
of interest with respect to citing subsets of data files.

Bruce B.
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