[Esip-preserve] Adding learning resource metadata to Data Management training modules

Justin Goldstein jgoldstein at usgcrp.gov
Wed Jan 22 16:08:54 EST 2014

I like this questionnaire very much.  Two minor suggestions regarding #2:

2.  In which fields of Earth science or library science do you have
experience (check all relevant fields)
   a.  Geology
   b.  Biology
   c.  Atmospheric Science
   d.  Oceanography
   e.  Cryospheric Phenomena
   f.   Land Processes
   g.  Solid Earth
   h.   Library science
   i.   Computer Science or Information Technology

Can we add "geography" and "Environmental Science?"  Accordingly, can we
revise item 1c:
        "Graduate Degree (MS or PhD)"

to "Graduate Degree (Masters or PhD)?

Many geography programs solely offer the MA for Masters work even to those
whose research topics are physical-geography related.  This is because such
programs have students in both physical and human/cultural geography.

-Justin Goldstein

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