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I strongly encourage some ESIP stewards to participate in this activity. I’m pretty sure Ruth will, but others who are doing some real implementation should join too. We may also want to connect this to the AGU editors roundtable and the Publishing Committee.


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From: Tim Clark <tim_clark at harvard.edu<mailto:tim_clark at harvard.edu>>
Subject: [Force11] Invitation to Join the Force11.org<http://Force11.org> Data Citation Implementers Group
Date: January 26, 2014 at 6:54:05 PM MST
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Dear Colleague
You are receiving this email because we believe your input would be of value in the next steps of the Force11 Data Citation Principles effort. We therefore invite you to join us, and participate in a new Force11.org<http://force11.org/> activity, the "Data Citation Principles Implementers Group".
As background, in 2013 a group of individual members of the Force11.org<http://force11.org/> community established a "Data Citation Principles Syntheses Group", to promote alignment of scholarly organizations around several important core principles for direct citation of scientific data.  The group's composition was open and intentionally broad (http://www.force11.org/node/4785).  We met via weekly concall for nine months, and also had a highly productive face to face meeting at the National Academy of Sciences.
Our goal was to distill and harmonize the excellent work previously done in various organizations on this topic, into a clear and brief set of principles to be acted upon by the scholarly community as a whole. A DRAFT set of principles (http://force11.org/datacitation) was published by the group for open comment, reviewed, and is now being edited by the group for final publication.  We expect the final document to be available in a few weeks.
This will be followed by work towards formal endorsement by as many scholarly organizations as possible.
Endorsement is critical, but not sufficient.  We also need to have rapid and efficient uptake, in practice, across the community.
Therefore we decided to organize the "Implementers Group" on a parallel track with a similar approach.
This new group’s purpose will be to bring together representatives of interested organizations to help further the technical aspects of implementation of these principles, by publishers and data archives, and by other interested parties. We do not propose to mandate any particular approach, but to share ideas and technical approaches and to help each other find productive paths to implementation, sharing them with the community as notes, discussion and guidance.
If you are already working on Implementation in the context of a specific organization other than Force11, we invite you to share your work with the rest of the community through the Force11 Implementation group. As with the Synthesis activity - our goal is to provide an open and productive forum where people across the scholarly communications ecosystem can work together and share ideas.
This invitation is being sent to all members of the Synthesis Group, as well as to several publishers, editors and archivists who have indicated an interest in this activity. It is an open activity, similarly to the Synthesis Group. If your organization is interested, but you are not the right person, feel free to forward this invitation.
To join this group, simply do the following:
* Go to http://Force11.org<http://force11.org/>, and become a member, by entering your contact information and institutional affiliation.  Individual membership is free.
* Once you have signed up to Force11, you may select to join this new group from the Group Membership section of your personal profile page or you may navigate to the Implementation Group page here:  http://www.force11.org/datacitationimplementation and join the group.
* Once you join, you'll be automatically subscribed to the implementdatacitationprinciples at force11.org<mailto:implementdatacitationprinciples at force11.org> mailing list.
Best regards
Tim Clark
Harvard Medical School & Massachusetts General Hospital
Force11.org<http://force11.org/> Board of Directors

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