[Esip-preserve] Interesting article in IEEE Spectrum

Ramapriyan, Hampapuram K. (GSFC-4230) hampapuram.k.ramapriyan at nasa.gov
Tue Mar 4 16:40:16 EST 2014

For those of you who are members of IEEE, there is an interesting article in this month's Spectrum titled "How do you preserve a digital movie for 100 years" by Andy Maltz. Here is the link, but I am not sure if non-members can get at the article. HOW TO PRESERVE A DIGITAL MOVIE - The method may surprise you.<http://www.qmags.com/R/?i=2234a7&e=762399&doi=50854307&uk=2FE1161B164027DE131449191115BA2202FF145289.htm>

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