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Hi Denise,

We didn’t have a chance really to discuss that at this meeting; but we did the last - the general consensus there was that the general session that had been created from merging several last year had worked well and that a broad session would probably be fine.  I don’t remember who volunteered to submit it; but here are the list of currently submitted sessions:

Assessment of satellite-derived essential climate variables in the terrestrial domain
Crystal Schaaf, Gabriela Schaepman-Strub and Miguel O Roman

Cloud Computing for Geosciences
Thomas Huang, Alex Sun, Wenming Ye and Chaowei Phil Yang

Cyberinfrastructure for field work: data standards, computer applications, instrumentation and best practices
Douglas J. Walker, Matty Mookerjee, Boyan Brodaric and Xiaogang Ma

Dark Data: Rescuing Data from the Edge of Oblivion
Kerstin A Lehnert, George garrett Campbell and David W Gallaher

Helping Disasters Management through the Use of Remote Sensing Observational Data and their underlying Cyberinfrastructures
Emily Law, Hook Hua, Sara J Graves and Karen Moe

How prove the accuracy of the mutual conformity between models and realities of the imbalanced Nature. 
Lyubov M Shlafman and Vladimir A Kontar

Identifying and Better Understanding Data Science Activities, Experiences, Challenges, and Gaps Areas
John S Hughes, Steven J Kempler and Emily Law

Improving Discoverability of Geophysical Data
Peter Arthur Fox and Jeff de la Beaujardiere

Information models and interchange formats for geoscience data
David K Arctur, Ilya Zaslavsky, Stephen M Richard and Xiaogang Ma

Polar Cyberinfrastructure
Wenwen Li, Paul J Morin, Lynn Yarmey and Chaowei Phil Yang

Promoting the Science Value of Airborne Observational Data through Increasing Awareness of Airborne Data Management Challenges, Capabilities and the Gaps, and through Sharing Experiences and Lessons learned
Emily Law, Helen Conover, Steve Williams and Gao Chen

Provenance enablement in Earth and space science
Wenwen Li, Deborah L McGuinness, Curt Tilmes and Xiaogang Ma

Technology Trends for Big Science Data Management
Daniel J Crichton, Yolanda Gil and John S Hughes

Visualization Technologies Enhancing Earth Science Data Usability
Daniel Steinwand, Walter E Baskin and Charles K Thompson

We already have a provenance related session, one about Dark Data, Field work, and Data Science in general.


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> Hi all -
> I’m sorry I’m approaching this so late in the game, and that I wasn’t on the call on Friday. I was unexpectedly out of the country for a few weeks.
> But, as the deadline for AGU session proposals is tomorrow, I was wondering if I had missed any of us suggesting one? Or if there were any discussions for one? 
> Thanks all!
> Denise
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