[Esip-preserve] Error discovered in Antarctic sea-ice record : Nature News & Comment

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We're probably hit by public expectations that the process of producing
homogeneous data can be done instantaneously.  After all, if we can get
reports with data less than 6 hours old, how come it takes a couple of
to get corrections to the old errors?

Another point is that the scientific review process is not well equipped to
long, detailed technical analysis of algorithms that come with as many as
of pages of derivations and assorted streams of technical data such as
coefficients, spectral responses, and perturbations to the operational

I guess we may need to train some folks in physics and math so that they
understand the full picture, not just the semantic web or database issues.
may even be some necessity to teach IT folks FORTRAN (even 1977 FORTRAN)
and such numerical analysis details as roundoff and truncation errors that
part of routine physical science training forty years ago.

Or, to put it a bit more broadly, there's a need for a much deeper
education into
more than the mathematical graphs represented in provenance, there's a need
to understand the logic that gets designed into data production scenarios -
that's not sound bite stuff.

Bruce B.

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