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This seemed to be a productive workshop. I recommend reading the report.

Perhaps we should do a similar effort at Winter ESIP and  invite a few of the workshop leaders to come. Perhaps Ruth is on top of this already.



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Dear all,

We have had a very successful Working Group workshop in London July 1/2 hosted by the British Library, organized by the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH), the British Library (BL) and the RDA-WG-DC.

The primary goal of the workshop was to explore a proposed citation model against a number of research community use cases. The participants mainly represented the UK Natural Environment Research Council data centres, the UK Data Archive of the Economic and Social Research Council, the British Library and DataCite.  Through a number of facilitated sessions, the participants explored the issues around the proposed model and possible improvements or adaptations for their own user communities. A number of currently used pragmatic solutions were presented and explored. Finally, possible steps forward were proposed for a few of the use cases presented that most addressed the issues and range of use cases presented.

A report on the workshop and its results has been prepared by John Watkins. It is now available, attached to this email and also available in the RDA Filedepot of our WG at the following URL:


Thanks a lot to everybody involved in preparing and running the workshop, and for the phantastic discussion, and specifically to John for preparing the report. We will be discussing the findings also during the upcoming meeting at the 4th plenary.

best regards, Andreas

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