[Esip-preserve] Data Stewardship telecon

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Tue Oct 7 13:26:45 EDT 2014

I can be on the telecon next Friday (though 3pm will always be difficult
on Fridays).


Dr. Kerstin Lehnert
Director, Integrated Earth Data Applications
Director, EarthChem
President, IGSN e.V.

Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Columbia University
Palisades, NY, 10964
(845) 365-8506

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>Hi all,
>We are supposed to have a Data Stewardship telecon this Friday; but I
>will unfortunately be teaching up at UIUC for their LEEP day (the one day
>a semester that I actually see all my students).  Ordinarily I¹d cancel
>this month¹s telecon; but we have a lot of things to discuss and finalize
>before the Jan. meeting.  I also note that Sarah is in the process of
>trying to find a better time for these telecons since so many people have
>conflicts; but that process isn¹t done yet.  So in the meantime, is there
>any possibility that we could move this months telecon to next Friday?
>If you can¹t make it let me know and if moving the telecon an hour either
>way would help, let me know that too.
>Proposed agenda:
>* Preparations for half-day workshop on citing dynamic data at ESIP
>winter meeting
>* Picking a direction for the PCCS work - to generalize or restrict to
>certain categories of data
>* How to move forward with NOAA¹s Data Stewardship Maturity Matrix work
>* Next round of comment on Citation guidelines for publishers, editors
>and reviewers
>* Paper status (if time)
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