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Here is an excellent implementation of the ESIP citation guidelines in action. See the attached powerpoint and links to the data sets below.

Props to the NCAR Research Data Archive.

These might work for the ESIP workshop, but it�s not clear they can attend. ESIP directly conflicts with AMS this year.



p.s. despite Denise�s accurate assertion that ESIP puts a lot of emphasis on satellite data, I don�t think there has been a remote sensing use case for the RDA dynamic citation approach yet.

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Subject: Fwd: [Esip-preserve] REQUEST - Data sets for workshop on dynamic data at the Winter meeting
Date: October 9, 2014 at 9:00:10 AM MDT
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Here is Steve's response. I've also attached a ppt that Steve put together last year to explain their approach to assigning and tracking DOIs, versions, and time stamps. I think it's a pretty robust approach.


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Date: Wed, Oct 8, 2014 at 7:01 PM
Subject: Re: [Esip-preserve] REQUEST - Data sets for workshop on dynamic data at the Winter meeting
To: Matthew Mayernik <mayernik at ucar.edu<mailto:mayernik at ucar.edu>>
Cc: Grace Peng <grace at ucar.edu<mailto:grace at ucar.edu>>, Doug Schuster <schuster at ucar.edu<mailto:schuster at ucar.edu>>

Here are two datasets that are updated monthly, and daily.  They have DOI's.
If they are considered relevant to the discussion, and the group would like to know
the details on how we manage the "dynamic" nature and maintain a constant DOI, please let contact us.


Steven Worley
worley at ucar.edu<mailto:worley at ucar.edu>
RDA:  rda.ucar.edu<http://rda.ucar.edu/>
office:   303.497.1248<tel:303.497.1248>
mobile: 720.468.1961<tel:720.468.1961>

On Wed, Oct 8, 2014 at 1:29 PM, Matthew Mayernik <mayernik at ucar.edu<mailto:mayernik at ucar.edu>> wrote:
Hi all,
The ESIP Data Preservation and Stewardship cluster is organizing a workshop on citing dynamic data for the ESIP winter meeting in January (in Wash DC), building on the Research Data Alliance working group on that topic. The ESIP folks are looking for dynamic data sets that can be used as case studies in the workshop. If you are planning to go to the ESIP winter meeting, host dynamic data sets, and are interested in being a case study, let me know, or get in touch with the organizers, Sarah Ramdeen (below), Ruth Duerr (rduerr at nsidc.org<mailto:rduerr at nsidc.org>), or Mark Parsons (parsom3 at rpi.edu<mailto:parsom3 at rpi.edu>).

We will also be hearing from Mark Parsons about the Research Data Alliance work on this topic at the next data citation meeting,


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Subject: [Esip-preserve] REQUEST - Data sets for workshop on dynamic data at the Winter meeting
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Hello Everyone,

Ruth and I are working on arranging a dynamic data workshop for the Winter ESIP meeting.  It will be discussed during this month�s telecom (date in flux), and in advance of the call we would like to ask for your help.  We are looking for input on two things.  First we are looking for 3 data sets to use for the workshop, and second, we are looking for feedback as to what you would like out of the workshop.

The ESIP workshop will be customized to the community needs, so please review the materials below and either reply to the list with comments or attend the call to take part in the discussion.

To help you think about these issues, below are a few resources.  The minutes from last month�s call where we discussed the workshop, the program from the previous workshop in London, and two white papers from the workshop leads.


Last month�s telecom minutes for a discussion about the workshop


Example of previous workshop


White papers as background:

Providing Concise Data Citations to Enable Reproducibility Across Different eScience Disciplines


Scalable Data Citation in Dynamic, Large Databases: Model and Reference Implementation



Sarah Ramdeen PhD Student

School of Information and Library Science

University of North Carolina

ramdeen at email.unc.edu<mailto:ramdeen at email.unc.edu>


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