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Subject: ANDS Data Provenance Workshop on 27th Oct: Use Case homework
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Dear All,

In preparation for the workshop, which is of very limited length, we would like to collect a list of provenance-related Use Cases. We’ll then do a little tidying of the list and use it to guide discussion on the day. We are interested to hear your current conceptions of use cases so we don’t want to set any direction other than to ask that they generally be about ‘provenance’. We want to see how borad peoples’ current thoughts are.

Before the 27th (preferably by 23rd), please could each of you try and contribute at least one provenance-related use case to a small website that Nick has set up for the purpose: http://promsns.org/uc/. Have a look at already listed use cases to see if things similar to yours are already there.

•         You can see a list of already contributed use cases here: http://promsns.org/uc/usecases/

•         You can add your own use cases here: http://promsns.org/uc/usecases/new

•         Explanations of the terms used are here: http://promsns.org/uc/references

The template we're using is a generic use case template. Fill out fields as best you can if they seem a bit mysterious: this is only a first attempt at community data gathering!

Please let Nick know about any issue you have with the use of the website on nicholas.car at csiro.au<mailto:nicholas.car at csiro.au> so they can be fixed straight away.


Nick, Mingfang, Lesley & Andrew

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