[Esip-preserve] FW: Update on Coalition on Publishing Data in the Earth and Space Science

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Some of us from the Data Stewardship Committee were at the Thursday afternoon meeting referred to in the message below. I thought most of the folks in the esip-preserve group would be interested in the message; so I am forwarding it.

Happy New Year, and hope to see many of you next week.



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Cc: Brooks Hanson
Subject: Update on Coalition on Publishing Data in the Earth and Space Science

Hi all


Happy New Year! Here's some updates on the Coalition activities and Statement of Commitment.  


1.     We held a meeting Thursday afternoon during the Fall AGU Meeting.  Attendance was about 40 representing journals, repositories, societies, and government agencies, including NSF, both in the US and internationally.  This followed up a similar meeting at GSA. We are planning to continue these meetings at future EGU, GSA, AGU, and other relevant conferences.


2.     We are aiming to release the Statement of Commitment formally on Thursday 15 January.  This will be after the ESIP meeting the first week of January, and the Council of Data Facilities meeting, allowing further discussions there and opportunities for others to join.  Current signatories are many of the publishers/journals in the Earth and space sciences and several repositories.  We will keep a current list here <https://docs.google.com/document/d/129OsgJRdmRcFrk-we88MHViToafB0J0ocivwWYKF1wA/edit?usp=sharing> .  We (Kerstin and Brooks) are working on a piece for Eos to accompany the release that will cover the history and some of the ongoing efforts.  Others are certainly welcome/encouraged to comment on the Statement and Coalition efforts or promote them as they deem appropriate within their own organizations, societies, publications, etc.  The current statement is here <http://bit.ly/COPDESS-Statement> .


3.     Based on discussions at the meeting and in other exchanges, we would like to clarify again the objectives of this effort are and what is expected specifically from signatories:  The larger goal of the Coalition aligns with that of many other efforts to ensure reproducibility of science and open, persistent access to the data that underlie scientific publications.  The Coalition primarily aims to (a) foster consensus and consistency among publishers, editors, funders, and data repositories on how data that are part of scholarly publications should be curated and published; (b) help data repositories collect the data that are within their scope easier and more comprehensively and raise their visibility; (c) help authors properly submit their data to repositories up front by simplifying the data submission process and providing sufficient information about it, and (d) help journals and funding agencies by doing all of the above.  Collectively, all of these help identify best practices and promulgate them, which will ultimately improve the integrity of data associated with publication.  The statement is a notice that we are working together toward these goals and to elevate attention to these.  There are no implied mandates that repositories need to alter or expand the types of data they are currently receiving, nor to develop new functionality per se (that is, no unfunded mandates).  One hopeful outcome might be to identify areas where new repositories might be needed or provide common purpose and visibility for further support.  We anticipate that there will always be complicated cases of data where identifiers may not be appropriate, where one-to-one matches or links with publications don't apply, etc. and the statement is not meant to imply otherwise.  While we hope that edge cases are always apparent in any such document, and should be understood under the wording, suggestions for improvement that would alleviate or clarify any concerns while ideally preserving the higher intent are welcome.


4.     One of the tangible steps, supported by a grant from NSF, was to develop a directory of Earth and space science repositories that journals collectively could use as part of their information to authors, simplifying the process for both.  This directory would provide relevant information (metadata) about repositories to authors and journals, provide transparency with respect to attributes of repositories, and be organized to help researchers rapidly identify homes for various data types and what is needed to comply with and facilitate deposition.  We have begun working with the Center for Open Science (COS) on starting to develop an open-source platform for at least an initial version and are in the early stages of designing requirements for it, and would value your input.  This would be a natural extension of open-source research-oriented software that COS already is developing (e.g, here  <http://osf.io> and here <https://github.com/CenterForOpenScience/SHARE/wiki> ). Several items were discussed: We are not intending any accrediting, and are and will be reaching out to you regarding attributes or other information to include.  The directory is intended to help users in the Earth and space sciences (authors and journals) find appropriate homes for data primarily based on data types, disciplines, and standard information about repositories.  It is not intended to replicate other listings, or be a search platform for finding data.  We will try and design it so that input of information from and about repositories is easy/simple, and that functional integration, current and future, with other directories and repositories themselves is facilitated. 


5.     A working group has also started brainstorming and organizing information regarding training on data and methods, both from repositories and elsewhere. We will be providing additional updates soon.


6.     Next steps of the Coalition will be discussion at the upcoming ESIP and CDF meetings in early January (thanks to both groups for their support), and at the spring EGU and summer Goldschmidt meetings.   We will explore also a larger meeting again in the fall.


7.     Marcia McNutt also announced a meeting that Science is organizing with the Arnold Foundation, AGU, and others on reproducibility in field sciences (covering earth science, ecology, etc.) that will be held this spring, possibly at AGU in Washington.  This will be the third such meeting; previous meetings have focused on clinical trials, and lab research and have resulted in some tangible outcomes and commitments regarding peer review and more.  We are in the process of exploring dates, and further updates should be come soon.  


Many thanks to all of you for your interest and input, and to many who have provided specific input, thoughts, and time.  If anyone is interested in helping or assisting on any aspects, specific or general, going forward, or have additional questions or thoughts, please let us know!


Best regards,

Kerstin and Brooks

Brooks Hanson 
Director, Publications
American Geophysical Union
BHanson at agu.org


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