[Esip-preserve] It's not too late to register! Invitation - 2nd AGU/RDA/ESIP Data Management Training Crowdsourcing Event for Enabling FAIR Data - March 29th

Nancy Hoebelheinrich nhoebel at kmotifs.com
Wed Mar 28 19:22:06 EDT 2018

There's still time to register for this crowdsourcing event scheduled for
tomorrow.  The Call-in information and registration link has changed,


Here is the new link:
https://attendee.gototraining.com/r/3593264862284346626. Users can access
this link from any platform, but they are required to have Google Chrome
installed on their computer for it to work.  You don't have to use Google
Chrome as your browser, but the platform will need Google Chrome installed
to work.  


Also, I am including a link to a document with background information on
what we are planning, at:
Fi8/edit .  




 <https://kmotifs.com/> _LOGOhiResTRANSPARENT_4800pxRGB


Nancy J. Hoebelheinrich

Information Analyst/Principal

nhoebel at kmotifs.com

San Mateo, CA  94401

(v) 650-302-4493

(f) 650-745-3333



The Enabling FAIR Data project shepherded by the American Geophysical
Union's (AGU) Data Department and the Research Data Alliance (RDA), and the
ESIP Federation's Data Management Training (DMT) Working Group are planning
unique crowdsourcing opportunities.  In these crowdsourcing events,
researchers and the research data community will learn more about the kinds
of educational resources that are currently available to teach and  learn
about research data management (RDM) skills, methods, and practices.  


The second crowdsourcing event is scheduled for Thursday, March 29nd from 4
pm - 5:15 pm Eastern /  20:00 UTC using ESIP's GoTo Training platform.
Call-in details can be found on the ESIP Telecon website at:
<http://www.esipfed.org/telecons> http://www.esipfed.org/telecons under the
"DMT Clearinghouse Crowdsource" entry.  


In the first crowdsourcing event, we searched for educational resources to
add to the DMT Clearinghouse that help enable researchers make their data
FAIR (Findable - Accessible - Interoperable - Reusable) per the description
in the following seminal article:
https://www.nature.com/articles/sdata201618 (the Australian National Data
Service also has created an excellent webinar series on the FAIR principles
that is described in the DMT Clearinghouse at the following location:
http://dmtclearinghouse.esipfed.org/node/9907).   In this second event, we
plan to map the resources that we've found to the FAIR principles, and get
them ready to add to the DMT Clearinghouse.   

 The goals of the planned event are to:

.         Develop awareness of the FAIR Data Principles, the Enabling FAIR
Data project, and the Data Management Training Clearinghouse

.         Contribute to the inventory of educational resources related to
RDM with a focus on Enabling the FAIR data principles, and

.         Generate broader, engaged participation for both projects

Researchers, Librarians, Teaching Data Professionals and Educators from all
science subject domains are welcome.   Join us for the second event!  Also,
please help us by distributing the information to your communities.  You can
register for this event at:  See above!

For more information, please contact session organizers Nancy Hoebelheinrich
( <mailto:nhoebel at kmotifs.com> nhoebel at kmotifs.com), and Raleigh Martin (
<mailto:ramartin at nsf.gov> ramartin at nsf.gov).


Nancy Hoebelheinrich on behalf of the organizing team

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