[Esip-preserve] Repository Finder Tool - Usability Testing and Tuning your re3data.org repository record

Shelley Stall SStall at agu.org
Wed Jul 25 22:25:41 EDT 2018

Hello ESIP-ers,

In the welcome presentation at Summer ESIP we introduced the “Repository Finder Tool” that uses re3data.org, a registry of repositories, to help researchers find a repository home for their data. The Enabling FAIR Data project will be implementing a more robust policy across the Earth, space, and environmental science journals that requires data to be in a FAIR-aligned repository and no longer archived in the supplementary information in a published paper.   Many of our researchers do not have a “repository home” and will need a quick guide for finding one. We plan to give them this tool to use.

The Repository Finder Tool is still in development, but ready for initial usability testing.  DataCite is building the tool in conjunction with the re3data working group and editorial board.

#1 Priority: We are looking for researchers to sign up for usability study interview.

#2 Priority: We are engaging with repositories to review/update your re3data record so that researchers can find you more easily.

For researchers:   Sign up for an interview to discuss your experience with the tool in a 15 minute telecon.  Sign up to participate here: http://bit.ly/UX_RepoFind   You can also share this with your researcher community. For this group we prefer you did not have a peek at the tool ahead of time.  Please just share the bit.ly with your researchers. First impressions matter here. Folks that sign up will be contacted to schedule their session with a member of DeveloperTown - the team managing the usability study targeted towards researchers.

For repositories:  Please review your re3data.org<https://www.re3data.org/> record.  If you don’t have one, go the re3data.org page and select the “suggest” button at the top.   Enter your repository information.

When reviewing/creating your record, it’s important to consider how it will respond when a researcher is using the Repository Finder tool.  This guide<https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Va24n9ExY6zHy6uCxKz2OwGFW8bXFW7Cbrx03x2NKaE/edit?usp=sharing> will help you consider how your repository is represented.  You can make requests through re3data.org to update your record.   Summarize your update in an email: info at re3data.org

The Repository Finder tool<https://repositoryfinder.datacite.org/> will be updated based on your feedback.  The tool is scheduled to complete and be ready for our community by the first week of September.  Feedback now will help it be a more valuable product for our researchers to find repository homes.  Anyone is welcome to use this tool once it’s complete.

Thank yous:

  1.  Ruth Duerr for providing her original work that informed the tool.
  2.  Enabling FAIR Data TAG A/D team and their co-chairs Michael Witt and Danie Kinkade for building the complex decision tree used for the tool requirements.
  3.  Re3data editorial team who have dedicated themselves to steps necessary to support the Enabling FAIR Data project.
  4.  DataCite for building the tool on a challenging timeline.
  5.  Sophie Hou and the ESIP Usability Cluster for providing their expertise to engage in a usability study activity to help improve the tool – and making it look like art.  “Research as Art”  ☺
  6.  Denise Hills for being so willing to help repositories consider their re3data records.
  7.  Erin Robinson who provided a platform at the welcome to introduce the tool and usability study opportunity; and for being an awesome ESIP Executive Director; and for being on the Enabling FAIR Data steering committee; AND for being the Chair of AGU’s Data Program Advisory Board; AND for designing and creating AGU’s Data FAIR and Data Help Desk…and anything fun with the word “data” in it.  She is just “all that”.
  8.  Michael Witt for helping to see this project from it’s very early inception all the way through to final product that can be used by 300,000 researchers worldwide.
  9.  And to you ESIP’ers.  You are willing to help make the complex ecosystem of research data, data management, and informatics better and better for researchers every time you get together.

Looking forward to hearing your feedback,

Shelley Stall

Shelley Stall
Director, Data Programs
SStall at agu.org | www.agu.org
2000 Florida Ave., NW | Washington, DC 20009
​Upcoming Deadlines, Meetings and Event Links:
1 August:  2018 Fall Meeting Abstract Submission Deadline 
10 -14 December: 2018 Fall Meeting | Washington, DC
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