[Esip-preserve] Postpone DMT Working Group call this week

Nancy Hoebelheinrich nhoebel at kmotifs.com
Mon Jul 30 17:48:52 EDT 2018

Hello, everyone:

One of the results of some excellent discussions at the ESIP Summer session
in Tucson a week or so ago (already!) was a recommendation that we move from
a working group to a new cluster, called the Research Data Management
cluster or something akin to that.  Also, there was a recommendation that we
try to find a new time for our monthly calls due to conflicts that some key
players have on an ongoing basis.  So, I'd like to postpone the call that is
currently scheduled for this Thursday, August 2nd .  I'll be sending out a
doodle poll in the near future to see if we can find a suitable day / time
for a monthly call including this month.


In the meantime, I want to point you to the following:

1.        Notes and link to a recording of the Governance session at ESIP

2.        Notes and link to a recording of the Governance session at ESIP


Those who attended the session are welcome to add or correct the notes,
and/or comment.


3.       A link to the final report from the Enabling FAIR TAG C group:


More about the new cluster a little later as we begin the launch of the IMLS
National Leadership grant for the expansion and enhancement of the Data
Management Training Clearinghouse in earnest!

Happy summer, everyone!





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