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I do have a question. I can see from the mapping you have done that there are blanks in the CSDGM and DCITE columns for certain mandatory or suggested concepts from ESIP’s data citation guidelines. What are the implications of that? Does it mean CSDGM and DCITE cannot accommodate those concepts (fields) at this time? Would they be recommendations for improvements  we make to CSDGM and DCITE?



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+1 – please do not hesitate to ask questions or suggest improvements (mapping always an evolving process)…




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Thanks Ted, I’ll take a look. 


More importantly, those of you who actually manage data (i.e. not me and Ted), should see if this aligns with your current practice.






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Attached pls find draft mapping of ESIP Data Citation Recommendation to several metadata dialects. I am using conceptual paths in ISO for simplicity. Comments/questions/suggestions welcome of course…




Some general notes:

Version: I map version to edition as the definition of edition is “a particular form or version of a published text” and the definition of version is “a particular form of something differing in certain respects from an earlier form or other forms of the same type of thing”.


Title: unambiguously maps to title rather than edition


Archive or Distributor: the mapping to publisher is very citation centric, i.e. it exists in standard citations when it is a simple name of the publisher. In this case, the publisher is included in the citation. Archive or distributor is a bit different, more like a URL which is the next item. In that case, this information goes in a different part of the metadata record.


Locator, Identifier, of Distribution Media: This item is overloaded at this point. The DataCite identifier is different than the onlink or othercit. I imagine identifier will be broken out into a single field and locator will be merged with the Archive or Distributor… BTW, having an identifier for anything (resource, individual, or organization) requires an identifierType of some sort these days.


Editor: Can’t use the same CSDGM element for editor and author. Also, if contributor is used, must have contributor role defined somehow.


Publication Place: CSDGM mapping seems right, description does not really work for DataCite.


Distributor, Associate Archive, or other Institutional Role: How is this “Distributor” different than the one listed above? It is interesting that the CSDGM mappings are different. “Othercit” is more incorrect than publish.


Data within a larger work: othercit is for other citation information about citing the resource. lworkcit cites the larger work. When we use something like RelatedIdentifier we must specify attributes (e.g. relationType) to be useful.


General note: mapping to characterStrings. When we map something to a characterString (e.g. Description) it will be difficult to use if 1) other things are there and/or no specific guidance on how to put that information in the string.



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