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Alexis Catherine Garretson alexis at garretson.net
Thu Jun 18 18:23:41 EDT 2020

Hi all,

I am excited about the summer meeting, approaching soon!

I've put together a meeting guide
with a list of the Data Stewardship-relevant workshops and breakouts, along
with keywords, skill level tags, and a short description.

*Some things to note: *
- If you click on the time (all times in eastern) it will display the
session time in the local time for the machine you're using
- If you click on the title, it will take you to the session landing page
on sched
- There is a section "Highlights To Report Back to Committee" where during
the conference I encourage organizers and attendees to populate things that
our committee should know about this session (outputs, ways to be involved,
exciting new things, etc.)

Right now, each session has an image (free for non-commercial reuse), but
please feel free to edit and replace if you'd prefer an image with the logo
of speakers, faces of speakers, or some alternate image you feel best
expresses the session. In addition to these being in this guide, they will
be the images I will be tweeting out before the sessions begin.

On that note, there is also a place for a suggested tweet, if you're
interested, please add any organizations or individuals I should tag in a
tweet about the session. (Also- attendees and presenters are encouraged to
use that info to tweet about the session as well!)



*Alexis Catherine Garretson*
*agarrets at gmu.edu <agarrets at gmu.edu> | alexis at garretson.net
<alexis at garretson.net>*
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