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I am pleased to make the following announcements that may be of interest to some of you -

*       The Data Product Developers Guide (DPDG) Working Group, one of NASA's Earth Science Data System Working Groups finalized the Data Product Development Guide for Data Producers, following two rounds of community review through the ESDIS Standards Office (ESO). This document has now been published by the ESO and can be found at https://earthdata.nasa.gov/esdis/eso/standards-and-references/data-product-development-guide-for-data-producers. This guide is primarily intended for developers of Earth Science data products derived from remote sensing data, and particularly for the development of Level 1B through Level 4 products. However, developers of related data products including Level 0 and 1A satellite data, airborne and ground-based data products will also find useful guidance.

*       An international standard, ISO 19165-2:2020, titled "Geographic information - Preservation of digital data and metadata - Part 2: Content specifications for Earth observation data and derived digital products" was published by the International Standards Organization (ISO) in July 2020. This standard is based on Earth Science Data Preservation Content Specification (PCS) that was developed by the ESDIS Project, and the Earth Observation Preserved Data Set Content (PDSC) developed by the European Space Agency and the Committee on Earth Observation Satellites Working Group on Information Systems and Services (CEOS/WGISS). The NASA PCS was in turn based on the "emerging" Provenance and Context Content Standard that the ESIP Data Stewardship Committee developed in 2011. H. K. "Rama" Ramapriyan (SSAI/ESDIS and long-time ESIP member) led the international team responsible for the development of ISO 19165-2:2020 that started in August 2017.



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