[Esip-preserve] Alexis Garretson - Thesis Defense

Alexis Catherine Garretson alexis at garretson.net
Tue Aug 11 14:05:28 EDT 2020

Hi all,

I mentioned yesterday that I'm defending my MS thesis tomorrow during the
telecon yesterday. A few of you emailed and asked for the details, and you
are certainly all welcome to attend.

My title is: *Identifying and projecting novel long-term phenological
trends: Integrating heterogeneous data sources*, and the keywords are:
Citizen Science, Climate Change, Phenology, Natural History Collections,
Maple Trees, and Plant-Insect Interactions.

It's scheduled for 1pm ET tomorrow via WebEx:
Meeting link:
Meeting number (access code):  120 061 6953
Meeting password:  eEnrqp9VF68


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