[Esip-preserve] AGU Fall 2022 Meeting IN001 Session Call for Abstracts

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Dear Colleagues,

With apologies for any redundancy, please find the following call for abstracts and feel free to share it with colleagues who may be interested.
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According to the AGU web site the AGU Fall Meeting 2022 will be held in Chicago, IL and Online Everywhere on 12-16 December 2022. The abstract submission website is open and the submission deadline is August 3, 2022. We would like to welcome your submission to the following session.

Session Link: https://agu.confex.com/agu/fm22/prelim.cgi/Session/157678<https://linkprotect.cudasvc.com/url?a=https%3a%2f%2fagu.confex.com%2fagu%2ffm22%2fprelim.cgi%2fSession%2f157678&c=E,1,P4Wm7QzrFZW8AXYHcCmXQjESAxT6MEDQBaCK-0KPalu4TMX3tR2cl1VuksnZZ6KJx89sUQ4bDQKGkO7VXoGwdX0WliNf5Dlqfbf_bTBj14Iaa9yxVGCmd-UK&typo=1>
Session: IN001
Session Title: Adopting Trustworthy Data Repository Stewardship to Enable Reuse of Data Across Disciplines

Session Description:
Sharing of Earth and space science data within and across disciplines depends on capabilities for enabling reuse of data collected by the scientific community. Mutual commitments and responsibilities between data producers, who provide high quality data as well as information about data quality, and data repositories that provide stewardship can enable and broaden data reuse. Both parties and the community benefit from enabling greater reuse of data. Trustworthy repositories can attract data with potential interdisciplinary value and serve users across disciplines. The well-known principles - TRUST for digital repositories, FAIR for data, CARE for Indigenous Data Governance, and GEO principles for data sharing and data management, offer guidance for data repositories to improve data curation and stewardship. This session describes how these principles and other guidance have contributed to the trustworthy capabilities of data repositories to enable reuse across disciplines.


Robert R. Downs, Columbia University of New York, Center for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN), Palisades NY

Ge Peng, Earth System Science Center/NASA MSFC IMPACT, The University of Alabama in Huntsville

H. K. Ramapriyan (Rama), Science Systems and Applications, Inc. and NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
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