[Esip_dmtraining] Interest in sharing info in May

Nancy Hoebelheinrich nhoebel at kmotifs.com
Mon Mar 12 15:26:43 EDT 2018

Hello, everyone:

I thought I would forward on to people on this list an opportunity that has
come to my attention for sharing information about open science including
the service provided by the Data Management Training Clearinghouse at the
Association for Psychological Science meeting in San Francisco in May.  I am
not available at that time, but thought others might be interested in this
opportunity.  I am including below an excerpt of an email conversation that
I have had with the Center for Open Science Project Manager for Journal and
Funder Initiatives, David Mellor.  Please contact David if you are
interested.  And, please be advised that we do have some promotional
materials available on the DMT Clearinghouse to use if you wish to
distribute them at this meeting.  They would have to be mailed to you, so
let me know sooner than later if you would like them.  Thanks for



***************Email snip:


Dear DMT Clearinghouse team,

 We are reaching out to members of the research community who provide
skills, resources, and expertise to those who want to incorporate more open
practices in their work. At the upcoming Association for Psychological
Science meeting in San Francisco (May 24-27, 2018,
http://www.psychologicalscience.org/conventions/annual), APS and the Center
for Open Science would like to convene an Open Science Pavilion to serve the
research community.

 Given the work that the DMT Clearinghouse has done in improving practices
in shared data I thought that someone from your team would be a great asset
for this pavilion.

 We are looking for individuals or groups who can participate by having a
booth for some period of time between Thursday evening, all day Friday,
and/or all day Saturday (May 24-26). No particular presentation is needed,
but handouts, FAQs, demonstrations, or other information about the work you
do or the services you provide would be a great service. Please consider
forwarding this invitation to any colleague or team member that you think
would be a good fit for this.

 More information about the pavilion is provided in this handout:



 <https://osf.io/qthsf/> David Mellor, PhD

Project Manager, Journal and Funder Initiatives <https://cos.io/top> 

Center for Open Science <https://cos.io> 

1-434-352-1066 <tel:(434)%20352-1066> ,  <https://twitter.com/@EvoMellor>


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Nancy J. Hoebelheinrich

Information Analyst/Principal

nhoebel at kmotifs.com

San Mateo, CA  94401

(v) 650-302-4493

(f) 650-745-3333


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